4 proven google ads strategies to grow your business online

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Google is the world’s largest online advertising platform with millions of companies advertising on it daily. In this article, i will discuss the 4 proven google ads strategies designed to grow sales and conversions for your business.

Google is helping countless companies around the world in achieving their business goals such as website traffic, sales growth, more leads etc.

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4 proven google ads strategies
What are the 4 proven Google ads strategies ?

Although there are many google ads strategies for high conversion, click-thru-rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC) etc. Following are the most effective and proven google ads strategies to grow your business online.

1.Targeting the right audience 

The number one proven google ads strategy is to target the right audience. Unlike traditional advertisement like newspapers, billboards, TV and radio etcGoogle ads allow you to target  customers based on keywords, age, gender, location, interests so that you can target the right audience with minimum budget, which is essential  to grow your business online.

Therefore, you should know who your actual customers are and target them accordingly, if you are confused about your potential customers then try building a buyer persona before setting up a campaign as it will help in identifying the right customers for your business.


Google ads

2. Remarketing strategy

Similar to Facebook ads, remarketing is one of the most effective strategies  in terms of getting more sales, conversions and online growth of a business . Through global site tag installed on website  you can reconnect with your website visitors (follow up).

For example, if a customer visited your site and added an item into the cart and abandoned it, you can approach them and remind that their product is still waiting in the cart and if there is anything that you can help them in providing more information about the item.

Furthermore,  with conversion tracking google ads allow you to monitor the actions of a customer when they interact with your ads, for instance, we can monitor if they purchased our product, signed up for newsletter , app installed, called for more info etc.

We can set up our goals (known as conversions) in google ads and monitor their performance and  improve upon them as required.

3. A/B or split testing

A/B testing is an important strategy to grow your business with google ads. This google ads strategy is proven method to find the best performing ads in your campaigns.

This feature enable marketers to test two different ads with different settings and evaluate the performance individually in terms of click-thru-rate (CTR), conversion rate etc.


A/B testing



We can test ads based on bids strategies, keywords, location, demographics and even for devices people are using to see your ads.

For example, let’s assume a company is running two different ads in a campaign for a digital marketing course that they are trying to sell online. In one of the ads, the company might target only males under the age of 40, and in the other ad they can target both males and female under 40 and evaluate which ad performs well.

4. Targeted keywords and negative words

Last but not least, adding the right keywords is vital to the success of all google ads campaigns regardless of the industry.

By adding the right keywords into our campaigns we are not only attracting the qualified leads but also increasing the chances of conversion by almost 50%.

There are many online free tools that can be used to find the targeted keywords such as google keyword planner, Moz keyword explorer , SEM rush magic tool etc.

Google ads keywords

Moreover, negative keywords are as important as targeted keywords because they keep the unqualified searchers away from your ads to avoid unnecessary clicks (remember: we are paying for every click on our ad).

For instance, if a company is selling web design course online, their targeted audience would be anyone searching for ‘web design course online’ and not the person who is looking for content writing course online.

This way they can add ‘content writing course online’ in negative keywords so the ad wont show when someone types ‘content writing course’ in search engine.

Nowadays, Facebook and Google ads are the bread and butter for the digital marketers and sales and marketing as whole, and they rely heavily on these tools for long and short term marketing goals including better better return on investment (ROI). If you want to learn more about Facebook ads click here


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