4 proven ways to find a job in Dubai in 2021

Finding a job in Dubai is a challenging task, especially amid the pandemic situation.  Here are the 4 proven  ways to find a job in Dubai in 2021.

Thousands of people come in the UAE every year to try their luck in the job market, but mostly fail.

Before I can go any further, I’d like to tell you that I am working in the Government sector in Dubai, and I used these techniques to find this job.

4 proven ways to find a job in Dubai in 2021

4 proven ways to find a job in Dubai in 2021

Following are the proven 4 ways to find a job in Dubai;

1.Connect with decision makers on Linkedin

If used effectively, this technique can land you in an interview. How to use this technique to get positive result? follow the simple steps below;

  • Search and apply your desired job on linkedin (should be related to your field)
  • You’ll be able to see person who posted (normally hiring manger), click on profile picture of the hiring manager, you’ll notice that you are not allowed to send them a message, and Linkedin will ask you go upgrade to the premium version to do so. Don’t worry, scroll down and go into the interests section –>see all–>groups. Join one/more groups where he/she is a member and wait for the approval. Once approved, you’ll be able to send them a personal message.

Linkedin interests example

Linkedin interests section 

  • Here is the important part, you should only send them a message if you have experience in the particular role you are applying for. Tell them you are a member of the group (same group you just joined), and I noticed that your company is looking for blah blah..
  • Clearly explain why they should hire you, and DONT sound desperate, otherwise, you’ll lose them.
  • Repeat this for couple of jobs related to your field and most likely you’ll get some response.
  • In case you cannot find a hiring manager Linkedin profile, go to the company Linkedin page and connect with the CEO, MD, and HR manager.


Hiring manager

Job poster example (hiring manager) 

2. Find mutual connections on Linkedin and ask for referral

Mutual connections on Linkedin can play a significant role in your job hunt, if a person knows how to use them to their benefit. Mutual connections are just like mutual friends on Facebook who can introduce two individuals to each other.

How can you find them on Linkedin? It’s easy to find them by going to your network> connections>search with filter. Here you’ll notice that you have 3 types of connections, 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. 1st degree connections are the people who are directly connected to you on Linkedin, more information on connections can be found here


Linkedin network


You can even search for mutual connection based on location and companies, you need to select all three connections and look for mutual connections with the hiring manager or CEO.

Additionally, You can also view HR manager or your target company’s profile and see if you have any shared connections with the company’s employees. Once a shared connection is found, approach them and request them to refer you to the HR manager or decision maker.

3. Always apply to the relevant jobs

One of the major mistakes job seekers make is applying for jobs that are not relevant to them. Commonly known as ‘spray and pray’ strategy, where a job hunter is spamming his/her resume almost everywhere without even reading about the job descriptions. Unfortunately, this strategy rarely works especially in the UAE market and job seekers end up wasting their time and energy.

Nowadays, companies in the UAE are using specialized algorithm that scans a resume against a job requirements and discard  irrelevant profiles. Therefore, target your field and always submit a different cover letter for each job mentioning about job requirements and explaining your relevant experience.

4. Attend your community gatherings

UAE is a multicultural and diverse country and almost every country has its own community living and working in the UAE i.e. Indian community, Pakistani community etc. They meet up once a week (depends on the community) and discuss their issues and concerns, job seekers with same origin also show up and hand in their resumes to the organizers. It’s still one of the most powerful way to find job in Dubai in 2021.

I remember going to the Pakistani community gathering in a mosque after Friday prayers and organizers were helping job seekers to connect with influential members of the community. This is an effective way to find a reference and eventually land a job interview, I personally know few people who got hired through community reference. You need to find and attend your specific community gatherings and be an active member of it.

Useful tips:

  • If you are coming to Dubai on visit visa to find a job, start applying at least 3 weeks before you land. Make a professional CV as per Dubai requirements and start applying on Linkedin, Indeed, Bayt, Naukrigulf etc.
  • Mention you arrival date on resume, and provide a contact number of a friend/relative residing in UAE on your CV. You can also get virtual contact numbers to get calls redirected to your local number.
  • Never pay money to resume distribution companies or agents promising jobs. There is no shortage of fraudsters in the UAE and keep away from any paying service.
  • Never accept any job without an attested offer letter from a company, some people start working without signing any contract and prmised salary and later face consequences.
  • Last but not least, finding a job in Dubai is not an easy task, and can take months, but if you persist and keep trying you’ll surely succeed. Good Luck!

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