What are the Facebook ads? 3 powerful Facebook ads strategies to grow your business in 2021?

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What are the Facebook ads? 3 powerful Facebook ads strategies to grow your business in 2021?

In simple terms, Facebook ads are the ads being shown on the Facebook. As you might know that Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over 2.7 billion active users daily and people spend approximately 38 minutes or more everyday on Facebook.

Apart from revolutionizing the social media, Facebook also transformed the online advertisement industry when they started online ads back in 2007.

You might ask, ok fine, I know what are Facebook ads, but how effective Facebook ads really are?

If managed correctly, Facebook ads can really help your business grow quickly and efficiently, and there are thousands of success stories available on Facebook business page that can be seen here

The success of Facebook ads can also be measured in terms of revenue being generated from ads. A statistics shows that Facebook earns whopping 98.5 % of its revenue from ads, that’s how successful and profitable Facebook ads really are.

Facebook ads revenue comparison

Source: Statista

A study conducted by emarketer concludes that 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook is the most effective paid advertising tool.

Did you know? Google also advertise on facebook to attract people into using google ads . Here is the proof:

Google on facebook

3 powerful Facebook ads strategies to grow your business ?

Facebook can help you in expanding your business in many ways, but following are the 3 most powerful Facebook ads strategies that can help you grow your business quickly in 2021.

1. Highly Targeted Ads

Facebook maintains data of billions of its users in terms of age, gender, location and interests, which makes it very easy for the Facebook to target them.

It can serve them highly-targeted ads of products and services they like to buy, website they they tend to visit and topics they want to learn more about.

For instance, I expressed some interest in web development recently and visited some web design ad development websites in the past few days, and Facebook started showing me web design and development ads on my news feed, which I am likely to sign up for;


Facebook Ads


How do you recognize if its an ad or a post from one of your liked pages?

If you now know what are Facebook ads, then its very simple to identify because an ad contains a sponsored tag right underneath a page title and has a call to action (CTA) like sign up, learn more, buy now etc. as shown in the picture above.

2. Targeting broad audience with minimum budget

One of the most powerful feature of the Facebook advertising is its ability to target broad audience with minimal budget.

Audience can be targeted based on interests, behaviors, industry and demographics that is powerful facebook ads strategy for maximum sales and conversion.

For example, if i want to to target Chinese cuisine lovers living in Dubai  under the age of 40 to visit my website then i can very easily and efficiently target them as shown below:


Facebook audience targetting

As you can see, my ad has a fairly broad audience of 2.3 million and I can even narrow it down to a  specific area in Dubai where my restaurant is located, and if i do that,  I’d have a very specific audience of only 1000 people down from 2.3million. This strategy of geo-targeting on Facebook is really powerful and effective.

facebook audience target Additionally, facebook ads allow marketers to even target audience based on the occasion like anniversary, birthdays, weddings and birth of a new child.

For instance, gifts and souvenirs companies can serve targeted ads to the individual who’s wedding anniversary coming up in 31- 90 days as shown below:

Facebook anniversary targeting

And the same way, tourism companies can now target frequent travelers or people who returned from travel 1,2 or 4 weeks ago and show them ads of the latest tour packages that they are likely to buy.

All these strategies are extremely powerful and effective in driving more sales and conversions.

Unlike google ads Facebooks ads are very economical in terms of budget and cost per click (CPC) and a company can get a decent amount of web traffic or leads for minimal budget within few days (if campaigns are managed correctly).

3. Reamarketing on Facebook ads

Remarketing in simple terms is targeting people who visited your website and did not convert or performed an action that you want them to perform like buying a product, sign up for a newsletter, download a brochure etc.

For instance, if you visited Cole Haan’s (shoe retailer) website and browsed thru different fancy shoes and left the website without buying anything, then they can show you the same shoes on your Facebook feed to encourage you to buy the shoes you just seen on its website.

Remarketing Ads

Source :Wordstream

You might be thinking that Google ads has the same feature? So, in what way Facebook ads are different than Google Ads?

Yes, you’re right, google ads has same remarketing strategy but the difference is that customers see remarketing ads from Google in display network of Google’s partners websites , and Facebook shows these ads on its own platform (Facebook feed) .

How can you use remarketing on Facebook?

For remarketing, you first need to create a list of custom audiences( audience you want to target).

Facebook offers a plethora of options for remarketing such as targeting website visitors, people who interacted with you app, visited your store (offline activity), people who watched your video, interacted with instagram page; all these strategies are very powerful and profitable for marketers.

Custom audience

Why should you use remarketing on Facebook?

Remarking is one of the most powerful strategies on Facebook to drive more sales, conversions and clicks.

A study by Growthbadger reveals that people are 70% more likely to convert when they are exposed to remarketing ads on facebook, and some brands like tirendo were able to increase conversion rate by 161% through remarketing efforts.

How can I use remarketing ?

You need to install Facebook pixels on your website to track the actions people take on your website  and create custom audiences for retargeting.

Facebook pixels not only assist in creating custom audiences lists but also help you drive more sales and conversions, measure the performance of your ads and how people interact to them etc.

If you do not know to to install Facebook pixels on your website, you can follow the guidelines by the Facebook help centre here.


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